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Example UsageΒΆ

MailPreview integrates with CakePHP’s Mailer class. All mailers should use the Josegonzalez\Mailer\PreviewTrait trait. Below is an example UserMailer with a welcome email method:

namespace App\Mailer;

use Cake\Mailer\Mailer;
use Josegonzalez\MailPreview\Mailer\PreviewTrait;

class UserMailer extends Mailer
    use PreviewTrait;

    public function welcome($user)
            ->subject(sprintf('Welcome %s', $user->name))
            ->template('welcome_mail') // By default template with same name as method name is used.

Next, you’ll want to create a Preview class for your mailer. As mailers can have multiple methods, the associated Preview class will provide an integration point for each method. All Preview classes should extend Josegonzalez\MailPreview\Mailer\Preview\MailPreview. Here is a UserMailPreview class to accompany our above UserMailer.

namespace App\Mailer\Preview;

use Josegonzalez\MailPreview\Mailer\Preview\MailPreview;

class UserMailPreview extends MailPreview
    public function welcome()
        $user = $this->Users->find()->first();
        return $this->getMailer('User')
                    ->preview('welcome', [$user]);

A few things to note here:

  • MailPreview classes are in the App\Mailer\Preview namespace, and must extend the Josegonzalez\MailPreview\Mailer\Preview\MailPreview class. The path to the MailPreview class is src/Mailer/Preview/ClassName.php.
  • The return function of each mailer must be the result of the ->preview() call on the Mailer object. This is injected into the class by our aforementioned Josegonzalez\MailPreview\Mailer\PreviewTrait.
  • The ->preview() call uses the Cake\Mailer\Transport\DebugTransport email transport to retrieve the results of the sent email without actually sending it, and also injects some extra metadata for use in the ui.
  • The ->preview() call has the same api as the ->send() call from the Mailer class.

Once we have our UserMailPreview class in place, we can view them at the /mail-preview url of your application. This route is loaded by the plugin routes, so be sure to have those enabled when you install the plugin.

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